Weekend Wrap Up

Friday Night:
I got my hair cut after work on Friday. I went short for the summer. I usually do this every year, but last year I let it keep growing, so it feels a little weird to have short hair again, but I like it. Plus, Gio, as usual, gave me the best blonde highlights money can buy. Color me pleased.

Jaime treated me to a belated birthday *pedicure (much needed), then we shopped a little & I coerced her into taking me to West Elm to pick up the headboard I've been trying to buy for weeks now. She has a car big enough to hold it, so she graciously went with me to pick it up & helped me get it home.

*Pedicure color: A Good Man-darin Is Hard To Find. It's from the OPI Hong Kong collection. It's an orange-y/red. Very bright & summery & looks good with my fair skin. I love it!

Saturday Night:
We went to dinner with Aaron & Ashley. Carolyn & David had dinner Friday night at Thai Phoo Ket & they said it was really good, so we decided to go there. I had been wanting to try it for awhile now anyway. They recommended the massaman curry, which me, Ashley & Aaron all three ordered. It was soooo good! And it's cheaper than our regular Thai haunt, Siam Cuisine, on White Bridge Road. Thai Phoo Ket, you've made yourself a friend.

Sunday was a pretty relaxed day. I got up & ran (see previous post), went to the grocery store(s), made lemon bars & started reading The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella by Stephenie Meyer.

It started raining in the middle of John cutting the grass, so we went down the street to McKays. Score! I found 2 cookbooks that I've been meaning to buy. I love when that happens. I also bought this hilarious Cooking For Special Occasions cookbook because John swears his mom had it & used to make them pear church mice (see above). Add this to the ever-growing list of things I love about a woman I so wish I had had the opportunity to meet.

I also bought John kind of a joke cookbook about steaks, but it quickly turned into, "Can I make something out of this cookbook for dinner tonight?" Twenty-four dollars worth of steak later.... What can I say? The man loves steak. After dinner, we drove out to CPA so I'd know where to go tomorrow morning for my first 6am speed session. Man, it's far. Oh well. No pain, no gain.

Later last night, we finally took down the heinous cowhide/rawhide/faux suede roman shade that's been in our bedroom since we bought the house. Neither of us have any idea why we kept it up so long. But once we got the new headboard in there on Saturday, the cowhide had to go. It looks so much better in there! Pics forthcoming.

Speed Session FAIL

Park Man