Weekend Wrap Up: 4 Day Memorial Day Edition

I took Friday off to spend the day with Mary Katherine, celebrating our birthdays. We did the 5:30am Pancake Run, went home, showered, then met at Starbucks to get recaffeinated before the SATC 2 matinee. We both loved the movie. I covet everything in Carrie & Big's apartment. After the movie, we did lunch, a little shopping & then *manicures. A perfect day!

*Tiffany recently told me her new favorite manicure color is OPI No Room For the Blues, so I tried it. OMG, I love it! It's my new signature color. I promptly went online & bought it on Amazon.

I did yard/house stuff all day. Our yard desperately needed some TLC. I trimmed all the hedges, which takes me forever because of my self-diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder.... Then I pulled weeds. I had planned to plant flowers & re-mulch, but when John woke up, he didn't feel well, so we didn't get that far. I moved my operation inside & spent the rest of the day rearranging furniture & hanging pictures. I finally got the entryway set up & moved the loveseat upstairs into my newly redesigned 'reading room'. Pics forthcoming.

Saturday Night:
We were supposed to go to a friend's cancer benefit at Exit/In, but John still felt like crap, so we ended up not going. At some point, John decided Prince's Hot Chicken would make him feel better, so we trekked out to Dickerson Pike & got take-out. I haven't had it in years, so it was fun to go there again, plus the chicken really is good. Post hot chicken, we watched TV & went to bad. Lame.

I woke up & went to Centennial Park to run before it got too hot. I'm toying with the idea of running a half in Sept, so my friend Jaime suggested I start making my Sun runs longer, to see if I can do it. Well, I totally did it. I ran 4 miles instead of my usual 3. Now granted, I walked some of it, but I ran the whole 1st mile & the last 2, so not bad. I think the previous night's hot chicken fueled me.

John woke up feeling back to normal, so he cut the grass while I went to Trader Joe's, Publix, Target, etc. I don't remember what else I did, which probably means I spent the rest of the day watching TV & obsessively rearranging/straightening knick knacks.

I got up early because my uncle was supposed to come over at 8am to inspect our flooded ductwork & I was supposed to meet my friend Katy (who was in town from Denver) for an early lunch. Well, my uncle didn't show up until around 11am & Katy couldn't meet up afterall, so I ended up babysitting my uncle's 5 year old step-granddaughter for 2 hours while he sat outside shooting the shit with John about who knows what, presumably his *"farm".

*When we finally called my uncle to find out where the f he was, he apologized & told John he's been up since 7am, working on his farm. His farm? My uncle lives in Metro Davidson County & last time I checked, there are no farms in Lower Antioch. Whatever. So when he finally shows up, albeit with his 5 year old step-granddaughter in tow, I ask her what they've been doing all morning & she says "Grandaddy's been on Facebook all morning playing Farmville." Farmville! Mystery solved.

Post crazy uncle/Farmville enthusiast, we spent the afternoon at our friends' Mike & Amanda's cooking out. They have 2 pugs, so we decided to take Linda. It went mostly okay. The female pug (Elvira) & Linda got along really well, but the older, male pug - ehh, not so much. But it was fine. Good time had by all!

Tuna, Artichoke & Roasted Red Pepper Salad w/ Feta Pita Crisps

Entryway Dilemma SOLVED!