Speed Session FAIL

I completed my first Fleet Feet Speed Session this morning & I SUCKED. Out of about 110 people, I was the last one to finish the timed mile (at 11:32, thank you very much). I timed myself on Sunday & ran a 10 minute mile. I don't know what happened this morning.

Well, I do know what happened, I was exhausted by the time I had to run the timed mile. Our warm-up was five times around the track (4 times around is a mile). The first two laps were supposed to be super slow, 'like you just rolled out of bed', they said, but of course, trying to keep up with everyone, I did the first two laps too fast, then struggled through the last three, which were supposed to be faster. After the "warm up" they had us do all these crazy exercises, two sprints around the track & then the timed mile. No breaks in between any of this. I'm surprised I could even do it honestly.

When I got there, there were a lot of women my size & bigger & a lot of women older than me, so I thought I'd probably be back in their group, but those fat, old bitches totally smoked me. Thankfully my friend Angie was there, otherwise I probably would have left in tears. I was so embarrassed. Once you finished your timed mile, you were supposed to walk a lap to cool down, so everyone was walking while I was pushing through my last lap. One guy patted me on the shoulder as he walked past me & said, "You're doing good." He probably thought I was a Jerry's Kid. I mentally flipped him off as I crawled across the finish line.

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