Reading Room

Last weekend I turned one of the upstairs bedrooms into a reading room. Initially it was kind of an office, except that no one ever went up there or used it, especially since I bought a Macbook a few months ago & sold my old Mac Mini. I've had these two pieces of furniture for years, a matching loveseat & chaise. I put them both up on Craigslist, but was only able to sell the chaise. Even though the loveseat totally isn't our style, I decided to move it upstairs so I'd have somewhere comfortable to sit & read. I moved the crappy, old desk out & moved the loveseat in. Even though I don't love the loveseat, I kind of love my new room.

It still needs work, obviously. Number one, I need a rug. But at least the room has a purpose now.

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Thoughts? Suggestions?

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