Weekend Wrap Up: Nashville Is Under Water Edition

Photo courtesy of Tennessean

John & I cashed in our Gabby's Burgers Groupon. OMG. Soooo good! And, they only use grass fed beef. You know I love that. Seriously, best burger. John said he liked it better than Brown's Diner, which is really saying something. Gabby's hours & seating are sketchy, but deal with it. The burgers are worth it. Post burger, I watched Changeling, which was really good. Does Clint Eastwood make a bad movie?

TheOtherSituation2010 begins. Rain & flooding of apocalyptic proportions. Having heard that most roads were impassable, I stayed home & decided to put off all my errands until Sunday. Hah. Little did I know.... Not being able to drive & having no food in the house, John & I walked next door to Korea House for dinner. Seriously, how do we not have our own booth there yet? The Baldwins & inclement weather are keeping that place in business. After dinner, we swam home & watched Sherlock Holmes. So good! God bless a movie starring both Robert Downey, Jr. AND Jude Law.

Awoke at 5:30am to a text from my dad that said, "tornado warning." Great. Got up & watched the news for about an hour. Decided our house was not, in fact, going to get sucked up in a twister & went back to bed. Woke back up around 9:00am because it sounded like the rapture was upon us. Walked downstairs & found the lower level of our house underwater. Freaked out & woke up John. We went out into the garage, which was completely flooded & tried to figure out how to divert the water out of the house. John heads down the street to Lowe's to get sandbags. The second he leaves, our power goes out. So I'm sitting at home with Linda, watching what appears to be end times, with zero access to the outside world via news or internet.

John gets back with a Camry full of sandbags & figures out how to divert the water into the front yard instead of into our house & garage. This is where it comes in handy to be married to an Eagle Scout. Major crisis averted. Now what?

Out of boredom, we go down the street to Target. We head back to Electronics hoping to catch some local news coverage, to no avail. Apparently Target can only air 'Target TV' on its television sets. Nice. Thanks, Target.

Our neighborhood friends, Mike & Amanda, also without power, come over to keep us company. Mike & John played some ridiculous game assuredly intended for 10 year olds. The power came back on around 6:30pm. Mike & Amanda went home to check on things & we drove around to assess the damage. RIP, Pep Boys, RIP.

All in all, a pretty scary day, but no permanent damage to our house. Lots of our friends have serious damage & potentially destroyed homes, so sending positive thoughts their way. Stay strong, Nashville.

Full flood photostream here. More official, Tennessean, pics here.

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