Weekend Wrap Up: Birthday Edition

Thursday (Birthday):
Carolyn took me to lunch for my birthday, then I came back to work & had cake with my co-workers. Per everyone's suggestion, John took me to City House for dinner. OMG, so good! We shared the octopus pizza & the belly ham pizza (with egg). The belly ham was our favorite, but the octopus was surprisingly good, too. This is hands-down my new favorite restaurant.

I somehow managed to get up at 4:45am, after drinking way too much at dinner the night before, for Running For Pancakes. More surprising, I ran most of the 3 miles. When I got to Pancake Pantry, there was a birthday card, a Happy Birthday sash & a short stack of birthday pancakes waiting for me & Mary Katherine, who's birthday is the day before mine. Best running group EVER!

My friends Lauren & Karen took me to lunch, then I decided to take the rest of the day off. I treated myself to a little birthday shopping, then went back home & took a nap in preparation for round 2. Carolyn, Katie & Alexis came over around 7:00 & we went down the street to Tequila's. Many margaritas later, we went back to my house & devoured the margarita cheesecake Katie made. Delicious!

I basically lounged around all day until I had to start getting ready for Delaney's wedding. In lieu of everything I'd eaten/drank in the past 48 hours, I decided to take Linda for a walk around the neighborhood. Granted, she hasn't been walked since pre-heartworm treatment & it was 90 degrees outside, so she wasn't really feeling it. About halfway into the walk, she laid down in someone's yard & refused to budge. She was clearly overheated, so I let her lay there awhile. After about 5-10 minutes, I made her get up, then she proceeded to walk about a house or two, then lay back down. What should have been a 20-30 minute walk took over an hour. Linda.....

Saturday night we went to Delaney & Austin's wedding. I danced until my dress was wet & my hair formed ringlets. Good times, good times.

We went to Smyrna to cook-out & celebrate with my family, then we came back home because we're trying to sell some furniture on Craigslist & we had a bunch of people coming by. John ended up staying home to deal with the Craigslist people while I ran to Davis Kidd to exchange some books. John & my mom both got me the same thing, How To Cook Everything by Mark Bittman, so I exchanged the duplicate & got Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast: Weeknight Meals. I've become a big fan of Cooking Light lately. Alexis gave me a copy of The Help, which I already have, so I exchanged it for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. My mom got me the follow-up, The Girl Who Played with Fire, so I'm excited about my summer reading!

As evidenced by the excessive amount of eating & drinking I did, this was the best birthday I've had in years. I guess this was the year being old & fat stopped bothering me. Who knows. Regardless, I really appreciate everyone who fed me, gave me cards & gifts, left me Facebook messages, made me wear a Happy Birthday sash, made me a margarita cheesecake & called/texted. Thanks, everybody. You all made this birthday one to remember.

Full birthday photostream here.

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