Summer Soundtrack

A couple of years ago, Tiffany introduced me to The National & Yeasayer. While I didn't immediately love Yeasayer, I fell head over heels for The National & they have since become one of my favorite bands. Now both bands have new albums out & they are AMAZING.

I've had the Yeasayer CD for a month or so now & I cannot stop listening to it. I love it. It's 100x better than their last album. If you hated their last CD (Carolyn), All Hour Cymbals, you might like this new one, Odd Blood. It's a lot more mainstream/coherent & there are more vocals. Some of the songs remind me of Depeche Mode, mostly just the sound of his voice. Even John likes it & he typically hates anything I like, especially hipster, Williamsburg bands. He said it reminds him of Erasure.

I just got the new National CD, High Violet (thanks, Tiff!). I've only had it a week, but I'm already feeling it. God, I love The National. So far, I'm really into Track 1, "Terrible Love" & Track 4, "Little Faith", but the whole CD is good. Of course it is.

Go forth & download!


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