Entryway Dilemma

Side Table



I desperately want an entryway. Somewhere to put a table, a mirror, some books & trendy knick knacks. But alas, I have no such entryway. We enter the house through the garage, so it wouldn't necessarily be a place to put keys or mail. It would be primarily decorative, but I want it.

I have what you would think is the perfect table for the space, a half moon table with 3 legs, but it doesn't work. It's too short; not enough presence. Carolyn moved the nightstand out of the guest room to see if it worked & it wasn't bad, but it wasn't right either. I couldn't not see it as a nightstand. I have this antique blue dresser that used to be my great grandmother's. It's the size I want, but when I brought it downstairs, it was too big. We could hardly open the front door. Fail.

Having exhausted all of the furniture in our house, I guess it's time to start searching Craigslist & thrift stores. I'll report back.

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