B & D

Spring semester grades are in & I made a B in my public budgeting class. Not bad considering I had a timed final & an essay on property tax due in the middle of flood week. As expected, I bombed the timed portion, but I shockingly made an A on the essay, the essay that I threw together 30 minutes before it was due. Seriously. The essay I wrote for the mid-term, I spent hours on & made a B. So either I write better when I don't care, or she gave everyone a pass because our city was underwater. Regardless, that's 9 classes down, 3 to go. One in June, one in July & my last one in the Fall. Almost there....

I went back to the doctor last week to have my vitamin D level re-tested after completing my 12 week booster. My levels are back to normal. Now I just go back to taking a daily 1,000 mg supplement & hoping my body absorbs it. So weird. Who knew a vitamin deficiency was such a big deal. In hindsight, I can see that I was depressed. It went away once I started the booster. I feel, & have felt for awhile now, completely back to normal. At least now I'll (hopefully) know what to look for & when to have my level checked.

It's funny, I was at the hospital with my sister a few months ago when they released her after having the twins & the nurse was explaining to her how to know the difference between postpartum & regular exhaustion. She said, "If you don't take a shower every day, that's normal; you're busy & you're tired. If you quit brushing your teeth, that's postpartum." I kind of chuckled to myself on that day & even teased my sister every time I talked to her by asking if she had brushed her teeth that day, but now I get it. I think I've learned the difference between being tired & overworked & being depressed. We'll see....

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