Weekend Wrap Up

Friday Night:
Met Jen for after-work drinks at Taco Mamacita. Jen & I have been online friends for a few years now & finally decided to make it happen. We had our first date. We drank margaritas & rapped song lyrics. It was awesome.

I was supposed to go to Smyrna to help my cousin get ready for her senior prom, but the weather kept me in Nashville. I really didn't do much because of the weather. Luckily, I got all of our grocery shopping done in the morning. John & I went to lunch & to Big Lots & that's about it. I laid on the couch & read all day while John was out in the garage working on his mastering console.

Saturday Night:
The weather was still really crappy, so we went next door to Korea House for dinner & then came back home & watched Star Trek on DVD.

I woke up early & made ricotta pancakes (so good!). John wouldn't wake up (shocker), so I decide to take advantage of the non-tornadic weather & drive over to Centennial Park for a 3 mile run. It was so nice out. I ran the whole 3 miles & have the sunburn to prove it.

I get back home to find John eating pancakes & gearing up to weedeat & cut the grass. I run down the street to Target & get back as John is limping into the house, growling & grunting that he's hurt himself. He doesn't seem to be in a tremendous amount of pain & he's not bleeding, so I'm skeptical.

Side Note: John hates yard work & has been lobbying to get a goat for years. Apparently, in John's mind, a goat means never having to cut the grass again. Thus, the aforementioned skepticism.

At this point, John is clearly in a lot of pain. We finally get his shoe off & his foot looks bad, like broken bone bad. So we go to the emergency room. Fast forward 2 hours, foot isn't broken. It's a deep tissue bruise or something. Anyway, he's fine. He had to stay off of it for the rest of the day, keep it elevated, keep ice on it, etc, which quickly turned into, 'Hey, now that I'm not supposed to do anything today, how about we spend all afternoon at Best Buy & Game Stop?'.

So here's what happened. Unbeknownst to me, John took the wire off our weedeater & replaced it with a metal chain. Because why wouldn't he? Then he got too close to the rock wall in our back yard & the weedeater grabbed a rock with it's metal teeth & shot it into John's foot.

John is a recording engineer & as such, he can pretty much take anything apart & turn it into whatever he wants it to be. For instance, turning our weedeater into something Mad Max would use as a weapon in the Thunderdome (thanks, Mike). I'm sure many of you, who cohabitate with engineers, can relate to this. I'm talking to you, Mike & Mary Katherine.

Lastly, I made Cooking Light's spicy shrimp & grits for the second time last night, but this time I made sure they were spicy. Success! They were so good! Much better than my first attempt. This might be my new favorite recipe.

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