Weekend Wrap Up

Friday Night:
Now that I'm doing this 5:30 running for pancakes thing on Friday mornings, my Friday nights are even more lame than usual. I'm not much fun come 9:00pm when I've been up since 4:50am.... I had The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at home & around 5:00pm, I decided to start watching it. I took a dinner break to go eat with John, but I miraculously stayed awake & finished the movie.

Side Note: We had dinner at this new BBQ place in the Melrose Kroger shopping center called B & C Melrose BBQ (the B & C stands for bacon & caviar, haha). Our friends Mike & Amanda told us about it. Per Amanda's recommendation, I had the pulled pork over garlic grits plate. OMG, so good! This place is going into the rotation.

I packed a lot in on Saturday. I got up & went to Target, then met Carolyn at Whole Foods. Her Maw-Maw can't have anymore sodium, so Carolyn is trying to help her eat better. Then we did a little shopping in Green Hills Mall. I bought this $70 skirt at Ann Taylor Loft back in February. I've worn it twice & hated it both times, so I decided to return it & buy a dress for a wedding & my birthday, which are 2 days apart. It was a $100 dress, but with the credit from the skirt, I only had to pay the $30 difference. Score! This dress is amazing. I love it!

So Carolyn headed to M'boro & I grabbed some take-out @ Calypso Cafe, then went to Sylvan Park to meet my friend Jaime & walk the green way. I've been curious to try this green way since it's so close to my house. Observations: 1) it's shorter than I expected; 2) it's hilly as shit. I'd like to think I could run it, but I don't know. Totally good for walking though.

Saturday Night:
John wanted to grill steaks, so we ran to Publix, bought some steaks, came home & threw them on the grill. So good! Coincidentally, I had finished reading Eating Animals that day & felt like a huge asshole for eating steak. In my defense, I did buy the Publix Greenwise steak.....

I kind of did a lot yesterday too. I got up early & did the Holy Trinity of grocery stores: Whole Foods, Trader Joe's & Publix. More on this later, but I've decided if I'm going to eat meat, I'm going to buy it at Whole Foods. Yesterday I bought 2 chicken breasts & a pound of ground turkey for $14 (with tax). Not bad. Then I went home, woke up John & we went to lunch. After lunch John went to Lowe's to buy all the wood he needs to build his new mastering console.

I decided to drive over to Belmont & run 3 miles. I also decided to leave my keys in the car & to stick the keyless entry remote in my sports bra. Had a good run, actually ran the whole thing, stayed at a good pace, etc. So I get back to my car, fish the remote out of my bra & it doesn't work. Of course it doesn't. Having nothing else on me but an iPod, I walk to Bongo Java & call John, who doesn't answer because he doesn't recognize the number. Then I call my parents & have them call John & tell him to come get me. I beg Bongo Java for a glass of water & sit outside to wait on John.

Then... this hipster barista comes outside holding a cordless phone & yelling, "Kim!". So embarrassed. I sheepishly raise my hand & she brings me the phone. It's John. Assuredly, my dad mispronounced "Bongo Java" & John wanted to make sure he knew where I was. Okay. Back to my water drinking & people watching until..... She comes out again, holding the phone yelling, "Kim!" again. I don't know why she didn't just walk over to me, clearly she knew who I was at this point. Anyway, it was John again saying he had just spent an hour loading all of this wood, etc. onto his cart & should he finish shopping & then come get me, or abandon his cart & come get me now. So I ended up sitting outside for about 45 minutes, but it was fine. It wasn't too hot, they gave me water & I eavesdropped on some ridiculous conversations. Ahhh, college life.....

Sunday Night:
John spent the rest of day/night building his console. I ran to Target & bought some new work-out clothes & then came home & made chocolate chip cookies to send to Hilty & staff for treating Linda. We made chicken enchiladas for dinner & I watched The Front on Lifetime. I know, I know. But it was by Patricia Cornwell, who I love. It started out okay, but it was pretty lame by the end. Imagine if Danielle Steel wrote an episode of Law & Order SVU. It was just like that.

Wasabi Panko Coated Halibut

Chicken Enchiladas