Weekend Wrap Up: 3 Day Edition

Tried to run the 3 mile Belmont Blvd loop, but the pollen dragged me down. Ended up walking the majority of it. Plus side? Saw Libby & her two cute dogs!

Went to Green Hills & cashed in my free denim card at GAP & bought a much needed new brassiere at Macy's. I hate buying both jeans & bras, but it needed to be done. Plus, the jeans were free. I bought a pair of jeans from GAP back when they first launched their big denim campaign & the buttons on my $70 jeans kept falling off. I eventually lost them all & had to quit wearing the jeans, so I wrote GAP & voila: free denim card. Thanks, GAP!

Friday Night:
How I Became the Bomb at Exit/In. Met Ali & Sarah beforehand at La Paz, then walked next door for the AWESOME show.

I can't remember what I did on Saturday, which means I probably sat outside on the deck all day reading Eating Animals & missing my dog.

Saturday Night:
Walked next door to Korea House with our West Side companions, Mike & Amanda. God, I love Korea House!

I woke up early, made a banana cake & ran 3 miles. Then John made the 5 hour trek to Georgia to pick up Linda & I went to Smyrna for Easter. While I was waiting on John & Linda to get home, I watched Public Enemies on DVD. Very good, by the way. They got home around 1 am. John woke me up, I petted Linda & went right back to sleep. I barely even remember it. But alas, Linda is back home. Hooray!

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