Garden Drum

I've had my eye on one of these garden drums for awhile now. I keep seeing them on blogs & in catalogues. I recently saw one on Odi et Amo, where she said she found one for $20 at her local Big Lots. I practically live next door to a Big Lots, so I've been going in there lately, looking for this garden drum, to no avail. Until today.

John & I were eating lunch next door, so we went in to look around. John spotted this ridiculous aisle of lawn/garden art & wanted to take a closer look at some wrestling alligators. He made me come look at them & help him decide who to buy them for when I looked up & saw this lone, white garden drum.

Do you know how many times I've gone in there looking for this thing? Three. I looked in garden; I looked in home furnishings; I, however, never looked down the 'creepy bullshit people put in their yard' aisle. I should have known.

So I bought it. The last one. Right now, it's acting as a side table beside the orange chair in our living room. It may stay there, it may move upstairs at some point -who knows. Regardless, I love it!

Now, if only Big Lots got in some Moroccan leather poufs, preferably in a metallic......

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