Weekend Wrap Up

Friday Night:
MK came over & we watched The September Issue (see review in prior post), which we both loved!

Ran 3 miles around the 'hood, went to The Farmers' Market, Trader Joe's, Publix, etc. Went to Sweet CeCe's for the first time. OMG. Why have I waited so long to go in there! So good! Funny side story, (I was the oldest person in there) the teenage kid in line behind me had flowers & no yogurt, which I didn't understand until I paid & turned around to leave & heard him ask the teenage cashier to go to prom with him. She squealed, clapped, ran around the counter & hugged him while all her fellow teenage co-workers were snapping pictures with their camera phones. It was pretty funny. Ahh, young Belle Meade love......

Saturday Night:
Sewing Night! Carolyn hosted a sewing night at her house to attempt to domesticate those among us who never learned to sew. Good food (I made this), good friends, good pillows. Full photostream here.

Went to brunch at South Street to see our friend Ken off, as he's moving to Austin, TX next week with his girlfriend, Allison. Made $193 at McKay's by getting rid of a shit-ton of books, CDs & DVDs that I didn't want anymore. Had planned on making this for dinner, but didn't read the directions until it was too late. Had I made it, we wouldn't have eaten until midnight. So we had Thai instead. We came back home & watched Precious. So good! Official review forthcoming.

Tuna Panini

Spring Has Sprung