Weekend Wrap Up

Friday Night:
Girls night. Katie, Alexis, Libby, Courtney & Shelby came over for food & drink. We ate, drank & talked until well past midnight. We kept laughing at ourselves for 'The View' like topics we discussed, i.e. national health care, CoverTN, TennCare, cancer, babies, etc. Serious topics aside, it was a really fun night.

I went to a belated birthday brunch with my friend Jaime at Local Taco, then we went thrifting. Jaime scored these awesome twin-sized wicker headboards that she's going to paint & use as one king-size headboard in her new house. I got a really neat side/coffee table at Southern Thrift that needs some TLC, but I have high hopes for it.

This weekend was the year anniversary of us rescuing Linda McCartney. As such, she had a vet appointment to get her yearly shots. The routine heartworm test came back positive, but when I showed them that she tested negative a year ago & that she's been on Heartguard for the past year, they re-tested her. Positive again. They're now sending her bloodwork off to a lab. We'll hear back in a week.

The vet thinks she probably had them when we got her last year, but because they can take up to 6 months to show up on a test, she tested negative. She also said the Heartguard has helped her because Heartguard kills the new heartworms that the adult heartworms reproduce. The vet thinks she probably has 2-3 adult female heartworms, which she said is "low burden." She also said it's a good sign that Linda's healthy & doesn't show any of the symptoms associated with heartworms.

After the vet explained everything to me, I understood & I was okay, then all the vet techs started coming up to me, patting me on the arm & saying how sorry they were, like she was dying. That freaked me out. I quickly made it out to the car & completely lost it. I was crying so hard, I couldn't even tell John what happened. I cried all the way home & a good part of the afternoon. Even though I'm pretty sure she's going to be okay, the thought of her not being okay is just not something I can deal with. Regardless, we won't know anything for a week.

Saturday Night:
We met Mike & Chrissi down the street at Cinco for dinner. Fresh off my afternoon crying spell, I promptly ordered a big beer & the most fattening thing on the menu, fajitas be damned. Mike & Chrissi were the perfect dinner companions because they're both so funny. I was feeling 100% better by the time we got back home. Also, Linda had ceased being mad at me for the shots & let me pet her again.

The time change messed me up yesterday. I sat around for hours, clearing out my Tivo & playing on the computer. Now that I have my new MacBook, I decided to start using it. I made a house folder on my desktop & saved all my inspiration pictures to it, something I've been meaning to do for about a year now. John finally woke up & we did our usual Sunday stuff: lunch, grocery store, etc. Then we drove East to check on Carolyn & David's kitchen progress. I don't know how many of you have been following their kitchen reno online, but it's going to look amazing! Girls, we'll all see it on the 27th for sewing night. Everyone else, maybe they'll have a party soon to show it off.

We came back home & made a nutritious dinner of beer battered fish & baked mac & cheese. Yes, I easily gained 5 lbs this weekend. Whatever. I'm going to Spin today to burn off at least half of it.

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