Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday Night:
Date night with MK! We ordered take-out, opened a bottle of wine, & watched Coco Before Chanel on DVD. So good! Audrey Tautou made a perfect Chanel. Highly recommend this movie. Oui, oui!

Spent the day working on my "dangerously low" vitamin D deficiency: ran 3 miles around the hood & spent all afternoon reading on the deck. I also did a little detective work & found the house where the pack of stray dogs live, well, at least two of them. There was a little boy outside feeding them, so I stopped & told him to tell his parents that they're breaking the law by letting their dogs run loose & that I was going to call Animal Control & that if he didn't want his pit bull to die, he better figure out a way to keep him in the fenced in back yard that he keeps escaping from. I thought telling the kid that I was going to kill his dog did the trick because I didn't see the dogs for the remainder of the day. Well, that was short-lived as John went outside to smoke later that night & they were running loose again. RAWR!

Saturday Night:
John & I walked next door to Korea House for dinner. Yes, again. I can't help it, I love that place. Then we went home & watched The Hurt Locker. This movie wasn't as intense as I was expecting, but that's probably because it's been talked about so much. I bet I would have had a stronger reaction had I seen it in the theater. Still, it's a good movie & definitely worth watching for the small percentage of you who haven't already seen it.

My sister had a bad night in the hospital, so I went up there to try & cheer her up with my tales of telling little boys that I'm going to kill their dog. It worked for the most part. Unfortunately, the babies couldn't leave on Sunday. They had to spend some time in the little baby tanning beds. My sister was obviously upset because she didn't want to leave them, but she also didn't want to stay in the hospital for another night. Ultimately, I took her home & her husband stayed with the babies. It actually worked out for the best because she got to come home & reconnect with Abigail & Jessica before bringing the twins home on Monday.

I also had to drop my car off to have repair work done. My car has been driving like crap lately & I assumed it was due to all the potholes from the snow. When I had my oil changed last week, I asked Firestone to check it out. They told me I needed to replace all 4 struts, change my 2 cracked power steering belts, & all this other stuff. Total? $1500. So I told my dad & he called his mechanic friend & he said not to trust Firestone & to call this mechanic friend of his. We called & the guy not only fixed my car, he did it for $300. Apparently only the 2 front struts & the power steering belts needed to be replaced. Effing Firestone.....

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