Weekend Snowpocalypse Wrap-Up


Snow!!! Got home around lunchtime & spent all day watching people wreck on Charlotte & get stuck trying to make it up the hill on our street. I felt like Pearl from 227. John finally got home & we ate dinner & watched The Aviator, which was amazing. Yes, it's 3 hours long, but still, amazing. Martin Scorsese, you are the master.

Cabin fever. Driveway & street a solid sheet of ice. My husband, the Eagle Scout, decides to shovel our driveway, which takes all day resulting in a half shoveled driveway, cracked asphalt & ultimately a broken snow shovel. Unbeknownst to me, while he was outside he was also pushing cars out of ditches, helping neighbors & generally being awesome. He also met one of our neighbors & realized he was the old sound guy from Exit/In. Apparently he works at The Rutledge now. Anyway, I was bored out my mind, but John had fun.

Saturday Night:
Still unable to leave our prison, I mean house, we walked next door & met our neighbors Mike & Amanda at Korea House. I had never eaten Korean food so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was so freaking good! I had the dolsot bibimbap, which was amazing. We also started with the seafood pancake, which I was scared of, but ate & loved. This might be my new favorite restaurant.

After dinner, we walked back home & watched Angels & Demons. I'm a big Dan Brown fan & both John & I read Angles & Demons & loved it. The movie didn't disappoint. Parts of the ending were different from the book, but overall it was pretty much the same.

Cabin fever reaching Donner Party proportions. Around noon, decided to risk it & leave the house. Went to Trader Joe's, Publix, & pretty much every store in the West Nashville Shopping Center, then met Mike & Chrissi for an early dinner at Cinco. Mike & John spent the whole dinner talking about Homicide & their shared dream of being a cop while Chrissi & I talked about hair & ghosts.

Full snowpocalypse photostream here.

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