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I love my Cath Kidston Recipe Organizer! Before I bought this binder, I tried the index card in the box thing, but that didn't work because I started printing out so many full-page recipes from the internet. Then I started sticking everything into a file folder & would have to rifle through it every time I needed a recipe, which was a nightmare. The 3-ring binder method really works for me. I need a way to keep full page recipes & a way to divide them by appetizer, main course, etc. You could just as easily (& cheaply) make your own binder, which some of you may have already done. I went ahead & bought this one because of all the info printed on the insides of the binder. I needed all of those conversions, etc. Also, for me, sometimes it's easier to just pay the extra money then to task myself with finding time to make my own.

For those of you interested in making your own binder, here are the tabs/dividers that are in mine:

Main Courses
Side Dishes

The tabs are pretty good. I don't have much behind the Salads & Drinks tabs, so I could probably do without those. I also wish it had a Breakfast tab. I've been sticking all of my breakfast recipes behind the Miscellaneous tab. Other than that, no complaints. Also worth noting, the actual dividers have pockets for recipes on index cards or scraps of paper. Very handy!

Like most of you, I accumulate a lot of recipes. I print out everything I come across online & stick it in my binder. If I haven't made it within 6 months to a year, I throw it out. I'm bad about printing out overly-ambitious recipes, so I do a lot of purging. I put new recipes in the front of the section so I see them every time I sit down to decide what to make for the week. If I find myself skipping past them week after week, I throw them out.

I bought this for $13 on Amazon, but they've apparently quit selling it. Davis Kidd used to have it in-store, so maybe check there. Always check the rings in the binder, I found that half of them are broken for whatever reason.

Again, I'd love to know how you guys organize your recipes, so please leave lots of comments!

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