Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday Night:
Fri. night was Ladies Poker Night @ Alexis' house. We ended up not playing poker, but we ate & drank like queens & laughed our butts off for a solid 4 hours. It was exactly what the doctor ordered.

I figured something out on Sat: coffee helps me run. I drank my usual 2 cups of coffee & decided to head to the Y to practice for the 5K I signed up for on Feb. 6th. I ran my butt off! It's like I was channeling a Kenyan or something (not really). And I'm surprisingly not that sore. My hips & knees hurt a little yesterday, but I'm fine today. Maybe I can be a runner after all.... At least for short distances.

Saturday Night:
We met Jessica & Brian for dinner @ Watanabe in East N'ville. I've only eaten there one other time. I really like that place. Unlike most of the places by our house, you don't have to wait an hour & a half for your sushi. And their sushi is good! Love that extra spicy tuna roll. Yum! After dinner, John took me home & then he attempted to go see How I Became the Bomb play @ Mercy Lounge, but no dice. No where to park & a line to get in a mile long. He just came back home & we read until we both fell asleep. We're exciting like that.

My friends Ali, Delaney, & Sarah invited me to join their book club about a year ago, but I could never make it work until a couple of months ago. They read a book & get together once a month to talk & eat. Yesterday we met for brunch. I ate myself into a coma. Seriously, I had to take a nap when I got home. Such good food. Aside from brunch, I didn't really do anything. I tried to work on my homework for this week, but didn't get too far. I blame the mimosas. I did, however, make some serious progress on clearing out my TiVo that has been neglected for the past 2 weeks. I'm sorry, TiVo. It's not you, it's me.

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