The Shitty Week That Was

This week has sucked. I have spent the past month-ish thinking I might be getting a new job. Two days ago I realized this was not going to happen. Obviously that stung a bit & made for a depressing couple of days. In addition to that, work has been insane for the past two weeks, much more so than typical for this time of year. And this should come as no surprise, but I've completely stopped working out & have gained a pound. Go, Weight Watchers!

So the super fun part of all of this is that I had a physical this morning & my doctor put me on Ativan & suggested I start seeing a therapist. Yay, me. For those of you keeping score, in addition to this job contributing to my weight gain, not working out, & insomnia, I also now apparently need anti-anxiety medication to get through the day. Awesome.

I'd like to say that today is a turning point & that I'll quit stress eating & get back in the gym, but I've already had a vanilla latte & 2 donuts, so who am I kidding?

To end on a non-suicidal note, I am wearing a really cute outfit today. Both the nurse & doctor complimented me on it this morning. Smyrna High Best Dressed '94, represent!

Jalapeño, Sausage, Jack, & Egg Breakfast Braid

3-Day Weekend Wrap-Up