Book Review: Cleaving

I just finished Cleaving, Julie Powell's follow up to Julie & Julia. I'm torn about what to say. I loved Julie & Julia. This book is not Julie & Julia. It's darker. Way darker. I found the actual butchering parts of the book interesting, but the whole D thing was a bit much. I couldn't relate & it honestly was just too brutal for me.

Also, the almost rape at the end of the book felt out of place to me. I get why she put it in. It reinforces her issues with sex & highlights her passive aggressive tendencies, but I could have done without it. Actually, I could have done without the entire last part of the book. In my opinion, the whole Tanzania section contributed nothing to the story. I wish she had spent more time delving into her relationship with Eric upon returning home & writing more about going back to Fleischer's.

Overall, I enjoyed reading it. I don't know how she can write so brutally about herself, but more power to her. I couldn't do it. Definitely worth reading, but go in knowing (in the words of Agnes) it's not the triumphant, heartwarming read Julie & Julia was. Hopeful for a third book.

Happy Belated Birthday, Elvis!

Holding Steady