Weekend Wrap-Up

Fri Night:
MK & Marshall's holiday cocktail party. I've found my drink of the season, a poinsettia. It's like a mimosa, but instead of orange juice, you use pomegranate juice. So good! They had a boston creme pie cake from Puffy Muffin. OMG, so good. I had 2 (big) pieces.

My friend Jaime recently moved from Bellevue to Sylvan Park, so I met up with her to see her new house, eat lunch, & do a little shopping. We had brunch @ Local Taco - very disappointing. I like their tacos, & the brunch taco I had on Sat was good, too, but it's just not enough food. They need to fill their tacos more & they need to serve more food during brunch. My "brunch" consisted of 1 taco & a side of grits. Seriously.

Sat Night:
John & I had dinner at this authentic Mexican place by our house. I love it, but John informed me on Sun morning that he can't eat there anymore. Apparently his body can't digest it. It doesn't bother me, but I have a stomach of steel. After dinner, we headed East for Dave & Alexis' tree-trimming party. Alexis, hostess extraordinaire, had all kinds of drinks & snacks. And don't think because we had just come from dinner that we didn't eat at the party. Katie made these insanely good sopaipilla cheesecake bars. O. M. G. I had 3 or 4. Seriously. I'm going to weigh 300 lbs by January.

I thought it would nice to make food for our neighbors this year, so I made some Chex mix & put it into these cute, little Christmas treat bags. Our next door neighbors are Korean, I think, so I wasn't sure how "Merry Christmas, have some Chex mix" would go over. Not very well, it turns out. The man opened the door, looked at me like I was crazy, took the Chex mix, & shut the door in my face. Oh well, I was kind of expecting that. So we walk over one more yard to the only other neighbors we know. As we walk up to the front porch, the front door slams shut. Hmmm. Then the garage door opens & the lady, the one we've actually met, starts backing out of the driveway. I'm smiling & waving, but she's not buying it. I finally yell, "We're your neighbors. Merry Christmas!" & she stops & rolls down the window. She was really embarrassed. She saw us crossing the yard & thought we were selling something. In my parents' neighborhood, all the neighbors do this. I just thought it was something you do. Apparently not, at least not on our street.

After the Chex mix debacle, John & I finished up our Christmas shopping. Man, it's really dead this year. I mean, Target was busy, but everywhere else was dead. Maybe everyone is already done shopping???

Sun Night:
Initially we were supposed to pick up Tiff & Chris from the airport & then head East for Rob's 30th birthday celebration, but all three of them ended up stuck in NYC because of the snow. So John made some kind of Jamaican pork stir-fry (very good) & we watched Iron Man on DVD. I thought the movie was fine, but John thought it was a little ridiculous. There was a steady stream of, "Oh, come on" throughout the entire movie.

Sidenote: Tiff got a flight in today, so I'm picking her up around noon & we're going to lunch with Carolyn & Jessica, then Jessica is driving her home to Trenton. Hooray!

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