Weekend Wrap-Up

Fri Night:
Went with MK to an Open House for The Wax Pot Studio. The owner, Lynette, has been our friend & esthetician for years. We've followed her from salon to salon, but now she's opened her own place & it's awesome. I highly recommend her for whatever you may need -brow wax, bikini wax, facials, etc. She's the best in town.

I also watched My Sister's Keeper on Fri night. It was really good. I definitely recommend reading the book before watching the movie because the endings are different & I think you'll handle it better if you've read the book first.

I got up & went to 8:45am Spin. It makes me feel better about the poor food choices I inevitably make the rest of the weekend. I spent the rest of the day grocery shopping, wrapping presents, & making food for Carolyn & David's Christmas party that night. I made hot corn dip & chocolate chip bacon pecan cookies. I had a blast making the cookies. I had my 118 song Christmas Playlist going on the 'ole iPod. I danced, I sang, I made bacon cookies. It was a good day.

Sat Night:
We went to Carolyn & David's annual Christmas party. Their party is always a good time. Lots of friends, lots of food, lots of cocktails. Both of my food contributions were a hit. Everyone loved the hot corn dip. I didn't think anyone was eating my cookies, but when I went to get one, they were all gone, so I guess they were a hit, too. I oddly didn't take many pictures this year. I started off by taking some pics of the food & decor, but then put my camera down & never picked it back up. Pathetic attempt at a photostream here.

I drove to Smyrna for my sister's baby shower. She's having twin girls. They're due in mid-March, but they expect her to deliver in early Feb. She already has 2 girls -a 4 yr old & a 9 month old, but with 2 more coming, she still needs A LOT of stuff, so we had a small shower for her. At the shower, she let us all in on the names they've chosen: Hannah & Hailey. I'm really pushing for Hannah's middle name to be Montana, but so far, she's not going for it. I've got a few more months to work on her though. Full baby shower photostream here.

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