Weekend Wrap-Up

Fri Night:
Left work early & did a little Christmas shopping, which dramatically improved my mood. Nothing like a little retail therapy. Drank some wine & watched Transsiberian. Okay movie, aside from Woody Harrelson's completely unwatchable character.

Went to 8:45am Spin, then Dad brought over their elliptical for us to use during Christmas (they don't have room for it with their Christmas tree). Did a little more Christmas shopping, then met MK for lunch. We intended to go to Chipotle, but it was too crowded, so we walked next door to Which Wich. Commiserated over our shared lack of enthusiasm over our jobs, career paths, etc.

Sat Night:
Drove to Chattanooga for Rebecca & Jay's annual Christmas party. Got to meet their new addition, Maddie, for the first time -so cute! Pics here. After the party, we headed downtown to meet Katie & see The Features play. It was weird, & kind of awesome, seeing them play somewhere outside of Nashville. Huge Features fan base in Chattanooga. Who knew? Everyone around us knew all the words to their songs, even the new ones. Very cool.

Slept in, due to not getting home until 2am, woke up & had Indian buffet for brunch. Then went to Best Buy to investigate Netbooks, per Alexis' suggestion. (Thanks, Alexis!) Not quite what I expected. I didn't know they were so small. Not sure I could read the screen. Plus, do they come with Windows? They are cheap though....

Also went to Apple store & looked at MacBooks. Two options: 1) Get white, plastic MacBook for $999 plus $50 off for being a student, or 2) Get silver, titanium 13" MacBook Pro for $1199 plus $100 off for being a student. Leaning towards the MacBook Pro because it's newer, has more features & won't be too old to update or add hard drive/RAM to in a few years (which is the problem with my 2004 Mac Mini). I feel like if I buy the cheaper MacBook, I'd need a newer computer in 2-3 years, which would not be the case with the MacBook Pro. Why did my computer have to die? Why???

Lastly, Christmas dog.

Salted Brown Butter Crispy Treats

Chocolate Chip-Bacon-Pecan Cookies