Hair Diaries

Last night I had my hair highlighted at Trim. OMG, I'm in love. For years, I've known that Trim is one of Nashville's better salons, if not the best, but I've stayed away mainly because of how much I assumed it cost, and, up until last year, I had a stylist. A little over a year ago, my longtime stylist abruptly went into early retirement. Not knowing where else to go, I stayed at the same salon, but changed stylists. I like him, he does good work, but I haven't been knocked out. Recently, I've been going to my friend Chrissi for trims. She's in school at Paul Mitchell & has been doing a great job. In fact, I'll probably follow her to whatever salon she ends up at when she graduates. But in the meantime.....

MK & I tend to use the same stylist because we have similar hair & similar expectations/standards. Recently, MK has been going to Trim. When I saw her last week, right after one of her appointments, I knew I had to go. Our hair is naturally about the same color & when I stood next to her, you couldn't tell. Her hair looked like something out of a magazine & mine so didn't. I immediately called & booked an appointment with Giovanni, colorist extraordinaire.

Like I said, my appointment was last night. I've been getting my hair highlighted for a million years & I really think last night was the best it's ever looked, and that's counting the 2 years I lived in NYC. And it wasn't expensive. It was $100, which is what I was paying at my regular salon. Giovanni is a color master. I'm sure, like every other stylist at Trim, he'll soon move on &/or dramatically raise his prices, but for now, I'm smitten.

Also, I was really impressed with the salon in general. They have a girls side & a guys side. The girls' side is pink & glittery, but in a cool way & the guys' side has wood paneling, a shoe shine station & big posters of pin-up girls from the fifties. It's hands-down, the nicest salon I've ever been to in Nashville. I so get why everyone goes there now.

Viva la Trim!

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