Christmas Decor

I've been meaning to do this for awhile now & I thought I better do it today before I take it all down.

My 4 yr old niece is in her first Christmas play today, so we're going to Smyrna this afternoon to see that. After the play, we'll go back to my parents' house to eat dinner & open presents. Tomorrow we'll go to my Aunt's house for lunch with the whole family. Then on Sat, we're leaving for Maryland, where we're possibly buying John a new car. Long story short, John needs an $11,000 new engine. Options: 1) pay $11,000 to put a new engine in a 7 yr old car; 2) find a cheaper junk yard engine & pay someone to put that in; 3) buy a new car. John loves his car & is freaking out a little bit over the fact that he may not only have to part with it, but that he'll inevitably end up with a much crappier car. The Awesome Mobile was free because his dad bought it & then decided he didn't want it, so he gave it to John. Undoubtedly, any car we can afford won't have "awesome" in its description.

Also, the computer that runs John's studio broke on the same day he found out about his car. After 2 days of taking said computer apart, he found out what's broken & has ordered new parts, but until he gets back into town & puts it all back together, no one can use the studio. So yeah, it's been a really good week for John.

Merry Christmas (Eve)!

Albums Of The Decade

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