Book Review: The Help

I loved this book! Over the past few months, I've had pretty much everyone I know tell me to read The Help. Tiffany was able to snag me a copy & gave it to me in NYC. It's a pretty hefty book, weighing in at 464 pages, but I read it in a few days. I couldn't put it down. The book is set in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960's & revolves around 3 main characters: Aibileen, Skeeter, & Minny. Aibileen & Minny are maids & Skeeter is a recent college grad who wants to be a journalist. Skeeter convinces Aibileen & Minny to tell her stories about what it's like to work in these white, Jackson homes under the promise that both the author, Skeeter, & the contributors will remain anonymous. There's so much more to it, but I don't want to give anything away. It's an incredible story. Highly, highly recommend this book.

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