Weekend Wrap-Up

Things I did this weekend that weren't writing my term paper:

Ordered Indian take-out, opened a bottle of Riesling, & watched Revolutionary Road (I heart you, Kate Winslet)
Spin (bonus points for physical activity)
Coffee with MK @ Dose (v. good coffee btw)
Cleaned the house within an inch of its life
Paid bills & balanced the checkbook
Did laundry
Decided on side dishes for Thanksgiving & made shopping list
Finished off Riesling
Went to Las Maracas with Carolyn & David
Trader Joe's, Publix, Target
Read half of Julie & Julia
Took a nap
Ate a bag of popcorn
Talked to Jessica about not writing my term paper
Made homemade baked mac 'n cheese for the first time (v. good!)
Watched very disturbing show on TCL about rebuilding people's faces

The Scarf That Got Away (Almost)

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