Weekend Wrap-Up

John had to work, so I stayed home & watched Away We Go on DVD. I had heard it wasn't great, & it wasn't, but it wasn't bad either. I enjoyed seeing Maya Rudolph do something besides SNL, but unfortunately John Krasinski was just Jim from the office in a different setting.

Today is my niece, Abigail's 4th birthday. Her party was on Saturday. I think she had about as much fun as a 4 year old can have. She wore a princess costume all day, complete with matching crown, wand & purple high heels. Full photostream here.

Saturday Night:
This weekend was our 1 year wedding anniversary. Technically Sunday was our anniversary, but we celebrated by going to dinner on Sat night. We're going to NYC this weekend, so we're trying to save our money for the trip. John wanted steak, of course, so we were trying to decide on a place somewhere above Logan's & below Jimmy Kelly's. We ended up at J. Alexander's. We didn't do much else because John had a bad headache that quickly turned into a migraine, but it's fine, we'll make up for it in NYC.

Because John went to bed so early on Sat night, we woke up together on Sun, which only happens about once or twice a year. So we got up, made pancakes, gave Linda a bath, ran to Target & Publix & were back home with nothing to do by noon. We decided to go to a movie. John voted for Where the Wild Things Are, but I was skeptical because I had heard so many mixed reviews. John really wanted to see it, so I acquiesced. I loved it! I don't know what people's complaints are. Too sad? It is sad, but not unbearably so. Too different from the book? Who knows. I haven't read the book in 25 years. People are just haters. This movie is amazing. I'm typically not a crier, but this movie got me at the end. James Gandolfini, I heart you.

One Year Later

Ethyl's Sugar Cookies