The Scarf That Got Away (Almost)

Image via ShopBop

I saw a scarf in NYC that I wanted, but forgot to go back & buy. It was in my new favorite store, Madewell. I thought about it the whole time I was in NYC. Then, on my flight home, I was flipping through my obligatory in-flight read, US Weekly, when I saw it - a full page of celebs wearing Madewell scarves. Katie Holmes was wearing the one I wanted. First Tom Cruise & now my Madewell scarf. Damn you, Katie Holmes! So I decided to get online & buy the scarf once I got home. It was a little pricey for a scarf, but I was a woman obsessed.

I get home, fire up the 'ole Google, only to realize that Madewell doesn't really do internet orders. There was an 800 number where you could call & place orders from their website, but the scarf wasn't on their website. Argh. A short Google search later & I find the scarf on ShopBop & spend a week deciding whether or not I need a $50 scarf.

I met MK for coffee over the weekend & lamented about the scarf. She pointed out that if I'm still obsessing over it, I need to just buy it. So I did. It came today & I love it!

Side note: I had never bought anything from ShopBop before now. Color me impressed. No sales tax & free UPS Ground shipping. I got the scarf in 2 days. Viva la ShopBop!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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