Enchilada Lasagna

John & I saw enchilada lasagna on a rerun of Good Eats & I printed it out & put it in my "to try" file. Well, tonight was the night. I had a shit-ton of corn tortillas left over from Fri night's tortilla soup, so it made sense.

Enchilada lasagna recipe here.

John & I both really liked this recipe. It oddly tasted like both enchiladas & lasagna. On the recipe website, some people left comments that said to double the cheese (we did) & to crisp the tortillas first (we didn't). I think we'll definitely try crisping the tortillas next time, just to add a little crunch. I may also add either jalapenos or diced green chiles for an extra kick. Highly recommend this recipe.

Bless you, Alton Brown. Bless you....

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