Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night:
I didn't sleep at all Thursday night, so I ended up leaving work early on Friday & coming home & sleeping all afternoon. Woke up & cleaned the house, then watched Confessions of a Dangerous Mind on DVD. This movie came out in 2002. No idea why I never saw it. I really liked it. Why isn't Sam Rockwell in more movies?

I've been going through some growing pains at work lately. As I get closer to graduation, the stress of where I'm going to go & how I'm going to go has really been taking its toll. On Saturday morning I met a friend for coffee & advice. God bless her. She was just what the doctor ordered. She listened, she understood & she gave me some much needed guidance. I feel like a 100 lb weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Next on my Saturday agenda: meeting MK for shopping & lunch. I used to see MK a couple times a week because we worked-out together in the mornings at the Green Hills Y. Since I've switched to lunch time work-outs Downtown, I hardly ever see her. It was good to catch up. We shopped, we ate, we talked about our ridiculous/hilarious Halloween costumes. It was a good time.

Saturday night:
In an effort to save money, John & I decided to stay in on Saturday night. We got Indian take-out from a place down the street & watched The Shining. John & I try to watch it every year around Halloween. It really is one of our favorite movies. "Stop swinging the bat. Put the bat down, Wendy. Wendy, give me the bat. Give me the bat. Give me the bat. Stop swinging the bat. Give me the bat. Wendy! Give me the bat. Give me the bat!"

Lately our Sundays have been filled with yard work, house work & general chores, but oddly we had nothing to do yesterday, so we decided to drive around & see where the day took us. John is still trying to decide what to be for Halloween, so we drove up to Rivergate & hit some of their Halloween superstores. Then we drove to Adams, TN & went to the Bell Witch Cave. It was $10/person to go in, so we basically just looked around & left. Conversation upon leaving the cave:

John: Man, that's a big bull.
Me: Which one is the bull?
John: That big, black one.
Me: Oh, I can never tell the difference between bulls & steers.
John: Bulls & steers are the same thing.
Me: Really?
John: Yeah, they're both male.
Me: Then what's the female called?
John: A cow.
Me: But how do you tell the difference?
John: One has a penis & one doesn't.
Me: Oh.......

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