Weekend Wrap-Up

Fri. Night:
John was in the studio, so I stayed home & watched Reservation Road. Correction: I watched all but the last half hour of Reservation Road. Thank you, Netflix. I should get the new, non-cracked disc tomorrow. This is the movie with Mark Ruffalo & Joaquin Phoenix, not to be confused with Revolutionary Road with Leonardo DiCaprio. Anyway, what I saw of it was really good & I can't wait to finish it.

Sat AM I got up & did Race For The Cure with my friend Megan. It was my first 5K. We had planned on walking it, but we ended up taking off with the runners, so we ran at first. Megan kept going, but my shins started screaming, so I slowed down to a walk. After awhile my legs warmed up & I started running again. I didn't run the whole 3 miles, but I ran at least half of it. I couldn't believe I ran that much. God, I love running. Stupid hip.....

Post race, I headed over to Germantown to meet Carolyn & David @ Oktoberfest. This is where it all went wrong. Never run a 5K & then head straight to something with greasy street vendor food. I ate so much. It was ridiculous. I completely undid whatever good I did running that morning. Ugh.... Story of my life.

Sat. Night:
Our neighborhood friends Mike & Amanda took us to eat dinner at this authentic Mexican restaurant basically across the street from our house. It was so good! I don't know what John ordered, it looked like chili on a plate. He loved it, of course. I got one of Amanda's favorites, the el trio especial. It was a Mexican dream come true - shrimp, chicken & beef over a plate of rice, covered in cheese, with tortilla chips all around the plate. OMG, it was so good! We may never eat at Cinco de Mayo or Las Maracas again.

On Sun. John painted the kickboards on the stairs going upstairs. We've been wanting to do this since we moved in & just got around to it. I haven't taken the after pics yet, but it looks 100x better. Post paint, we headed to Lewisburg for the Goats, Music & More Festival. Sadly, it was pretty much over, but John got to pet his fair share of goats, which made the drive worth it. Plus, I had a fried pie (I gained 10 lbs this weekend). The best thing about the trip was this 30 second video I made of the one of the goats saying, "Whaaaaa?" It really sounds like he's talking. Hilarious!

Full goat photostream here.

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