Weekend Plans

I left work at noon today & went to Michael's to stock up on Halloween supplies. I'm so excited. Aside from Michael's, I spent most of the afternoon outside on our deck catching up on my magazine reading. I love this weather! Tonight we're going to dinner with Jon & Ali. I think we're venturing out to some Thai place in Cool Springs. Actually, I guess it's not technically "venturing" since everyone has eaten there but me. Whatever. I'll report back.

For those of you who don't know, my sister is pregnant with twins. She already has 2 daughters, Abigail & Jessica. Abigail will be 4 in Nov. & Jessica will be 1 in Jan. The twins are due the first of Feb. So in Feb., she'll have a 4 year old, a 1 year old & newborn twins. Understandably, she's been priming me for babysitting. Tomorrow is my first attempt. I'm taking Abigail for her first manicure. Who knew 4 year olds could get manicures? Apparently they can & apparently she's been begging for one. Lunch at McDonald's afterwards, of course. It will be a day of firsts, her first manicure, the first time a car seat is in my car & my first unsupervised time alone with a 4 year old. It will be interesting no doubt.....

Tomorrow night Carolyn & I are going to see a movie while John dorks it up at his friends' house playing games for said friend's birthday. I forget what the game is called, but it's something super dorky that takes 12-20 hours to play. They do it every year & this will be the first year he can go. Mazel tov.

Happy weekend!

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