TV Review: Summer Heights High

I just finished watching an Australian HBO series on Netflix called Summer Heights High. My friend Natalie recommended it to me. I don't know how she heard about it. It's hilarious & it's only 8 episodes, so it's not a big commitment.

It's a little bit like the British version of The Office in that it's a fake documentary & it's not American. It's a parody of high school life told through the 3 main characters, all played by the same guy, Chris Lilley:

Jonah, a 13 year old islander, who is a raving juvenile delinquent

Ja'mie, a Year 11 exchange student from a private school who dates a Year 7

Mr. G., an over-the-top gay man who heads up the drama department.

I could never decide which of the 3 characters was my favorite. They're all funny in completely different ways. Jonah will you make you cry laughing with the way he insults his English teacher & draws his signature "dictation" all over the school. Ja'mie does this hilarious thing where she says "random" all the time, like, "I like your tie. Ties are so random." Natalie said after she watched this, she found herself saying random all the time until one of her friends called her out. Mr. G. is absolutely ridiculous. One of the students dies of an ecstasy overdose & he decides to do a school play about it. OMG, you honestly just have to see it to believe it.

Just watch it. You'll thank me later.

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