Painted Stairs: Before & After

At some point, our entire house was covered in carpet. We assume the previous owners were the ones who pulled it up, but we don't really know. Since we moved in, we've been wanting to paint the kick boards on the stairs going upstairs. Oddly, only one was painted white & the rest were left in their natural hardwood state. It bothers me. So last Sunday, John painted them all white & it looks 100x better.

Our next related project is to change the 1969 light fixture in the upstairs hallway. It looks like an old gasoline lamp. It's horrible. We found this cool, blue lampshade/light fixture at a thrift store a long time ago, but can't figure out how to transform it into the new hallway light. There's a place where a light bulb screws into it, but no apparent way to attach it to anything, particularly a ceiling. Surely there's a kit for this, no? I think if I just take John to Home Depot & set him loose, he'll figure it out. I'll report back.

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