Help Wanted: Kitchen Decor

Now that the kitchen is painted, I need to focus on decor. I hung the 2 Ikea shelves & put some stuff up there. I could use better accessories, but I'm waiting to see what color our back splash tile ends up being. Anyway, I have 1 big blank wall (top picture) right now & it's bugging me. For anyone who's been in our house, it's the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room. Also worth noting, there is a pocket door that goes into that wall, so it's mostly hollow & probably couldn't hold anything heavy like additional cabinets or shelves. Plus, the refrigerator opens onto that wall & takes up a good bit of space when the doors are open.

I'm thinking since I already have shelves on 1 wall, I should hang some art on the other wall. Si? My friend Alexis tagged a poster in Reader that I'm pretty smitten with. I'm torn between this Brooklyn screen print in navy & this NYC screen print in orange. I'm leaning towards Brooklyn. Thoughts? Too masculine? Too 'I used to live in NYC'?

I thought about trying to find something more kitcheny, but sometimes I'm annoyed at kitchen art in a kitchen. Like framed pictures of spoons, etc. It's too cliche I guess. I don't know. Although I am interested in finding the word "eat". Making It Lovely has this metal "eat" sign in her kitchen & I covet it. Just no pictures of utensils, fruit, or chef caricatures.

Help me!

Singapore Noodles With Shrimp

Taco Salad. Ole!