Kitchen Before & After: A Work in Progress

When we bought our house last year, there weren't a whole lot of things that needed to done, aside from fresh coats of paint in every room, except for the kitchen. The kitchen is okay, I've definitely seen worse, but it needed work. The appliances, though white, are fairly new & the cabinets are in good shape, but the floor is heinous & the counter tops are cheap & out-dated.

We've kind of been ignoring the kitchen because it seems like an overwhelming & expensive room to tackle. I decided the least we could do, was paint it. Prior to last weekend, it was all white -white walls, white cabinets, white appliances & white hardware. Way too much white. So after about a month of testing sample colors, I finally found the perfect color: Gray Feather by Porter Paints.

We painted the walls, then John removed all the cabinets & drawers, gave them a fresh coat of paint & changed the hardware. We had 17 cabinets, which equals 34 hinges. Instead of replacing the rusty brass hinges with $102 worth of new ones, I bought a $3 can of spray paint & spray painted those suckers. John was skeptical, but I was totally right. You'd never know those weren't brand new silver hinges.

Next on our kitchen agenda is a new counter top, tiling the back splash & tiling the floor. We also want to rip out the low cabinets on the dining room side & build a pantry by the back door, where the baker's rack currently is. God knows how long it will take us to do all this, or how we'll afford it, but we'll eventually get it done.

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