It's Fall, Ya'll!

Halloween '07: John was Phil Spector & I was Lana Clarkson, RIP.

I love Fall. I love the cooler weather, shorter days, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice body wash, dark nail polish, jackets, cardigans, tights, boots, soups & chili. My favorite part about Fall? Halloween. God bless Halloween. It's my favorite holiday, always has been. I have dreamed of one day owning a house & being able to turn my front yard into a graveyard, pass out candy, & host a Halloween party that people will look forward to every year. None of this was possible last year because Halloween was the weekend before our wedding. But this year, I'm going all out. I'm talking balls to the wall people. I've already bought every Halloween & Fall themed magazine out right now, not to mention all the ones I have from years past. I want to decorate & have a party. And I want people to dress up. Take heed friends, I have high expectations.....

Fall TV

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