Fall TV

I love TV. I mean, love. I live for this time of year when all the old shows come back on & all the new shows debut. My TiVo has been at maximum capacity lately. Here's a rundown of what I'm watching & what you may be missing.

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations
I've been aware of this show, but for whatever reason, I've never watched it. Recently TiVo recorded a random episode & I watched it & fell in love. Now I have a Season Pass. In one of his more recent episodes, he visits the outer burroughs of NYC. Such a fascinating episode. I couldn't believe all of those crazy, hidden places in Queens. Also worth noting, this is one of the few shows John will watch with me.

Mad Men
I heart you, Don Draper. Everyone knows about this show. If you don't, shame on you. Best show on TV, period. AMC, Sun. nights, 9pm. Also if you have Comcast, you can watch all the old episodes OnDemand for free.

Drop Dead Diva
While watching DDD this past Sun. night, I realized the show had jumped the shark. It's a show about fat girls, I get it. The main character is a size 16. I don't need to be hit over the head with it via guest appearances by Rosie O'Donnell & Delta Burke. Yes, Delta Burke. Seriously DDD, tone it down or I'm cancelling my Season Pass.

The Rachel Zoe Project
OMG, I die. Seriously, I heart this show. I love Rachel & I super love Brad. Taylor, I'm getting a little annoyed with you. We get it, Taylor. You're over your job. Blah blah blah, poor you. There are thousands of girls & gays that would cut off a limb for a chance to do your job. Get over yourself.

The great irony of this show is that everyone who watches it, is addicted to it. I love that. This is also one of few shows John will watch with me.

Biggest Loser
I get made fun of for watching this, but I so don't care. I love Biggest Loser & I watch it every season. I love Bob & Jillian. The contestants are my least favorite part, but so far, I like them this season. I really enjoy watching their work-outs & learning about what they eat. It's a fairly informative show, with about an hour of bullshit reality show drama thrown in. I love it.

The Good Wife
This is Ridley Scott's new 1-hour drama on CBS starring Julianna Margulies & Chris Noth (aka Mr. Big). Carolyn & I were talking about this yesterday, how we never watch anything on CBS, but now that this show has come out & Medium has switched to CBS, we guess we'll have to now. I watched the 1st episode last night & really, really liked it. I've been a fan of Julianna's since ER. And who doesn't love Chris Noth? Give this show a chance. I bet you'll like it.

The City
I saw on my TiVo To Do List that The City comes back on next week. I'm so excited. I loved this show last year. Granted, I love anything based in NYC, but still, this show is good. Whitney is a tad annoying & of course I hate Olivia, but overall, I'm a fan.

So You Think You Can Dance
You all know I watch this show. Get over it. It's good! They're still in the audition phase, which I don't particularly enjoy, but once they get down to the choreography, I'm hooked. I love this show.

This show was getting so much hype, that I went ahead & got a Season Pass. I typically like anything with singing & dancing (see above), so I assumed I'd like it. I've watched the past 2 episodes & I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. For one thing, I feel like it's too long. I might be more inclined to watch it if it were just half an hour. I do love Jane Lynch's character, Sue Sylvester, but so far, she's the only thing keeping me coming back. I'll keep watching, but I have a feeling, this one may fall by the wayside.

The Vampire Diaries
I didn't even know this show existed until last week when MK emailed me to make sure I was watching it. I wasn't, but I am now. OMG, this show is so good, especially if you're a Twilight/R. Pat fan like I am. It's a complete, 100% ripoff of Twilight, but I don't care (Stephenie Meyer probably does). It's good & the main character/vampire, Stefan is hot. It comes on The CW, Thurs. night, 7pm. It's only 2 episodes in, you won't be far behind.

Parks & Recreation
This show came back on last week & didn't disappoint. The opening scene where Amy Poehler's character rapped the entire "Parents Just Don't Understand"? OMG, so funny. This show has grown on me. I didn't love it at first, but I did/do love Amy Poehler, so I kept watching. I have a feeling it's going to be better this season.

The Office
John & I both love this show. We watch it together every Thurs night. I heart this show. I'm curious as to how the whole Pam baby/pregnancy thing will pan out though.

Ehhhhh..... I watched this show last week & wasn't that knocked out with it. I'll keep watching, but I don't have high hopes. I like the cast & I was expecting it to be funny, but somehow, it just wasn't.

Project Runway
I have watched & loved every season of Project Runway. This season, by far, is my least favorite. I don't know if it's the contestants, the LA instead of NYC setting, or the fact that it changed from Bravo to Lifetime, but something is off. Notably, the 2 main judges, Michael Kors & Nina Garcia, are never there. But also, the contestants are weird this season. Is it just me? That horrible Johnny guy that left last week? How in the hell did he even make it on the show? And Qrystal? Please. Who are these people & how did they get on here? I think one huge step in the right direction would be to take the show back to NYC. I can't imagine that I'd ever quit watching this show, but I don't know. It needs work.

Making Over America with Trinny & Susannah
God bless TLC. I love Trinny & Susannah & have missed them since I quit paying for BBC. I'm a huge fan of What Not To Wear & this is an awesome replacement while WNTW is on hiatus. If you're unfamiliar with Trinny & Susannah, watch this show. In almost every episode so far, Susannah ends up in some form of undress, which I love. In one show, she pulls up her dress, pulls down her Spanx & slaps her fleshy underbelly, the result of 3 kids. Seriously, love her. This show comes on Fri. nights on TLC.

As previously mentioned, Medium has moved from NBC to CBS. No idea why, but whatever. The first episode airs this Fri. night & I'm excited. As anyone who regularly reads this blog knows, I want to be, & sometimes claim to be, psychic. I also have great fondness for Patricia Arquette. This show is a win-win. Hopefully the network change won't affect the show. We'll see.

John & I are huge SNL fans. The show starts back this Sat. night & I can't wait. Apparently there have been a lot of cast changes, so we'll see. I have high hopes.

Simple Fried Rice

It's Fall, Ya'll!