Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night:
John's car was in the shop last week, so he was driving Jon Burr's car. We took Jon's car back to East Nashville & ate dinner with Ali at Tres Margaritas on Gallatin Rd. We've eaten there twice now. It's a little bit of a haul in that it's basically in Rivergate, but it's good food & so far no one seems to know about it but us.

Totally missed the Tomato Art Festival because I had made lunch plans with my friend Jaime well before I knew it was the same day as the festival. But Jaime & I had a lot of fun, sans tomatoes. We had lunch at Sonobana on White Bridge Rd & stuffed ourselves on edamame & sushi. We ran around & shopped a little, then treated ourselves to TCBY, which is 100x better than Tasti-D-Lite, much as it pains me to admit it.

Saturday night:
How I Became the Bomb CD release show at Mercy Lounge. We had dinner at Best of India on Charlotte with Jon & Ali before the show, then we went our separate ways & met back up at Mercy Lounge. The show was incredible, as always. There were a lot of people there. I didn't know who most of them were, but I was glad they came. Lots of uber hipsters & Kings of Leon wannabes. Awesome show though.

How I Became the Bomb's new full length CD, Deadly Art, can be purchased here. I'm probably not very objective since my husband produced the album, but seriously, it's really good. You should buy it.

I had a date with MK to see Julie & Julia at 1:35, so I went & met her at Green Hills & we watched the movie. It was soooo good! All the reviews were fairly negative, so I was worried it wouldn't be that good, but it totally was. Ignore the reviews, go see this movie!

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