A Walk Down Matchbook Lane

The other night someone was talking about how she needs all these matches in different colors for some project she's working on. I used to collect matchbooks as a kid & thought I had seen my collection at some point when we moved into the house, so I told her I'd look for them. Well, I found a big bag of matches, but they're not from when I was a kid. They're from when I lived in NYC. It's so weird because I have absolutely no memory of acquiring all of these matchbooks. Without further ado, here is a list of all the places I frequented in NYC & what, if anything, I remember about said place:

Serafina (brunch spot)
Tavern on the Green (saw Kelly Ripa there)
El Rey Sol
Side Walk
Telephone (had Thanksgiving dinner there w/ Anj & my parents)
Caliente Cab Co. (good ritas + Sun happy hour = drunk)
Son Cubano (had bday dinner there)
El Cantinero
French Roast Cafe
Fez (after hours club underneath Time Cafe, I think)
Time Cafe (restaurant above Fez)
Crif Dogs (24 hr hot dog restaurant, need I say more)
Duane Reade
Happy Ending (chinatown "massage parlor" turned bar)
Plant Bar (saw Nina Persson from Cardigans DJing there)
Glass (people on street could see into glass bathroom. gay bar, obviously)
La Margarita
Kanvas (huge green apple martini phase)
Sweet & Vicious (god, so many memories. bless you, sweet & vicious)
Wonder Bar (uber gay bar I frequented with our roommate, Ramon)
Temple Bar
Sette MoMa
Gonzalezy Gonzalez
Whiskey Park
City Bistro
Maxwell's (club in Hoboken that was close to Tiff's old apt)

God, these bring back so many memories. There were two bars not listed above that we went to a lot -Spring Street Bar & Asylum ("It's crazy!"). Anyone who knows me has possibly heard this story, but I'm going to tell it again because it's just so funny. One night at Asylum, there was a huge group of Thai guys in essentially identical pinstriped suits. Anj, in typical fashion, immediately started kissing one of them. Every time Tiff & I looked up from the dance floor, Anj was kissing a different Thai guy. We just thought it was funny. I can't remember if it was later that night or the next day, but Anj was talking about that hot guy she was making out with & we were like, "Which one?" She had no idea there were so many of them. She thought she was kissing the same guy all night, hahaha!

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