Summer School -- Finito!

I actually finished summer school back on Aug. 3rd, but our grades weren't posted until today. Typical..... Anyway, I made an A in both classes. Go, me! So I'm on a little break until fall classes start on Aug. 31st. I think I'm taking Politics of Administration in the fall. It's with a teacher I've had before & I think it's a fairly easy class. Hopefully I can stay on this straight-A's path.

I'm still on track to graduate Dec. '10. I'll take 1 class this fall, 1 class next spring, 2 classes next summer & 1 last class next fall. It's definitely getting easier now that the end is in sight.

Speaking of easy, I've recently realized that I've given the impression that grad school is a walk in the park. I think in an effort to be modest, or to make it seem like me being in school is no big deal, I've erroneously given the impression that what I'm doing is easy. It's definitely not. Granted, I've had some classes in this program that required little to no work, but that's not the case anymore. Two of the past three classes I've taken have required an inordinate amount of reading & writing. I think I've written around 25-30 papers since January & read 5 textbooks. My point is, even with an easy class, it's still taxing to have a husband, a dog, a house, a full-time job, a full-time social life, a sometimes full-time exercise regime, & go to grad school at the same time.

This has been a lot harder than I expected & it's going to be a big deal to me when I graduate. Obviously, I'm not trying to dissuade anyone from going to grad school. I just want to make sure I'm clear about what's involved. I think anyone interested in pursing a higher education degree, albeit grad school or law school, should certainly go for it. Just know that you will spend a ridiculous amount of money on textbooks & you will have to work 10x harder than you did in undergrad.

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