I Want To Eat Cake!

Last week I read I Was Told There'd Be Cake by Sloane Crosley. It's a collection of essays written by Sloane, some of which have appeared in Playboy, Salon, NY Times, Village Voice & Maxim. She lives in NYC & is around my age, I'm guessing. A lot of her essays are written between 2001-2003, which is when I lived in NYC. She writes about a lot of things I experienced, as I'm sure everyone else who has ever lived in NYC also has. And she is funny. But the entire time, I just kept thinking, I could have written this. Her stories are my stories. She's funny, I'm funny. Now granted, I've never written anything longer than a blog post, and I know writing a couple funny paragraphs does not a book make, but I can't help to think if I applied myself (and had a good editor) I could write something, albeit an essay, short story, whatever. Just something more than this blog.

Since reading Sloane's book, I've been remembering all of these hilarious NYC things that I had totally forgotten. I had this ridiculously crazy roommate who was ALWAYS getting into something. I could write an entire book on her alone. Of course, I'd have to go into witness protection afterwards because she's assuredly sue me for libel, but that's neither here nor there.

I want to be a writer. I work for the state & I'm getting a masters in public administration, but I want to be a writer. A funny one. I'm not expecting to win any awards or anything. I'd simply like to write something that makes my friends laugh. How do I do this?

To be continued....

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