Yay, Spinning!

I just took the lunchtime spinning class @ the Downtown Y & I freaking loved it! Seriously, I am a spin master. Who knew? I tried it once in NYC & was so sore, I never tried it again. I've thought about doing it over the years because it's such a good work-out, but I've always been too intimidated to try it again. I used to watch all the people line up outside of the spin room in their padded shorts & click-in bike shoes @ the Green Hills Y & I would always think there's no way I can do the same class those people can do; those people are actually cyclists. So I never tried it.

Lately, I seem to be surrounded by bike people - MK, Marshall, Jessica, Brian, & all my new book club comrades. I've got the itch. I'm thinking about buying a bike, but I thought first I should make sure I've got the stamina to even ride one. So for the past few weeks, I've been riding the Expresso bike @ the Downtown Y. It's this awesome stationary bike with a screen on the handlebars that lets you choose a path to ride & then you watch yourself ride said path. It's freaking awesome. You can even pass people! I'm pretty into it.

So the other day I was on the aforementioned bike & my friend, Brenda, from work came up to me & said she had taken a spinning class earlier that day & really liked it. She said there was another one on Thurs. & asked if I wanted to go with her. After she assured me that she wears neither padded shorts, nor special shoes, I agreed to go with her.

OMG, I loved it! The teacher was awesome. At the beginning of class, she made sure we all had our bikes properly adjusted, she was easy to follow, & she played great music. Brenda said the Tues. teacher isn't nearly as good. Unfortunately, the girl we had today is only teaching this class because she's recovering from an injury. I'm definitely going to keep taking this Thurs. class. Maybe I'll try the Tues. class if I'm not too sore.

Anyway..... Yay, spinning!

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