Update on John's dad

John is doing an inordinate amount of driving these days.... Yesterday he had to drive his rental car from the hospital in Utah back to the Las Vegas airport, get a new rental car & then drive 4 hours to Page, AZ, where his dad's truck was. He dropped the rental car off, then had to walk about a mile to his dad's truck. Once he got the truck, he had to drive 2 or 3 hours to Flagstaff, where his dad's hotel is & all his stuff. So John spent the night in Flagstaff last night & got up this morning to take his dad's truck into the shop for an oil change, etc.

His dad is being released from the hospital today, so whenever the truck gets out of the shop, John has to drive 6 hours from Flagstaff to the hospital in Utah, get his dad & then drive right back to Flagstaff, where they'll spend the night. Tomorrow they'll get up & drive to Albuquerque, which is about an 8 hour drive. I assume he'll spend Fri. night in Albuquerque, then get up Sat. morning & fly home.


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John's dad