Savannah: A Recap

John & I loved Savannah! It was such a beautiful city. And everyone was so nice. We had a blast.

We arrived late Fri. afternoon, checked into our hotel & set out to see the sites. We scored a hotel on Priceline in the Historic District, so we were able to walk pretty much everywhere. We walked around for awhile, just taking in the city. Eventually we got hungry & settled on The Olde Pink House for dinner. It was so good! I had sea scallops with mashed potatoes & spinach. John had their special of the night, which was halibut in creole sauce with corn & bell peppers. It sounds crazy, but it was delish! John's entree definitely won the prize that night.

After dinner, we walked around a little more & decided to sign up for a ghost tour. We signed up for the Sorrel-Weed House tour. Ghost Hunters did a show there a few years ago & allegedly it's haunted as shit. The tour started at 10:30pm & went until midnight. The first half of the tour was a walking tour around Savannah & the last half was a tour of the Sorrel-Weed House, as well as the carriage house. Unfortunately, Savannah doesn't cool off at night, so the walking part of the tour was a bit unbearable, but the house & carriage house part was really neat. We didn't see any ghosts, but we had a good time. It was definitely worth it.

Sat. was the Fourth of July, which we kept forgetting. This was a little problematic in that a lot of the stores I wanted to go into were closed. I did get to go to 2 of the stores on my list & they didn't disappoint. First, we went into the Savannah Bee Company, where we did a honey tasting. I had no idea I liked honey so much! Plus, they had all this awesome bath & body stuff made with honey & beeswax. I loved it! The second store we went into is called @ home vintage. I LOVED this store! She had so much stuff. I kind of wanted to live in this store. Even John liked it. I could have bought everything in there, but I left with a single sheet of wrapping paper that I think I'll frame & hang in the guest room.

We ate lunch at a cute little spot called the Soho South Cafe. I had the best grilled cheese I've ever had. It had all these different kinds of cheeses, plus pimento! This sandwich was made for me. John had a burger, of course. I really wanted one of the big desserts I'd seen at other tables, but we were kind of full, so we settled for 2 homemade cookies. Good choice.

After lunch, we went to Forsyth Park. I've never been to Paris, but I'd like to think this is what Paris is like, aside from the stifling heat, of course. The fountain is beautiful & it's surrounded by these huge sorghum trees that have to be hundreds of years old. I was fascinated by the trees, as evidenced by the countless pictures I took of them...

It was getting ridiculously hot, so we got in the car & drove out to Bonaventure Cemetery. John & I are weirdly really into old cemeteries, so this was right up our alley. We got out & walked around for awhile. Found Johnny Mercer's grave & creepy little Gracie Watson. It was an interesting place. I'm definitely glad we went.

From there, we drove out to Tybee Island. We wanted to see the ocean & maybe walk a pier or two. No such luck. Again, forgetting that it was the Fourth of July, Tybee Island was packed. We drove around forever, unable to find a parking spot. Honestly, I wasn't that knocked out with it. It seemed very Panama City Beach, circa 1994. I wasn't a fan. Eventually we gave up & started to drive off the island. We passed a sign for a lighthouse & decided to go see that instead. Well, luckily the lighthouse was close enough to the ocean that we could park & walk down to the water. I was in no mood, but John took off his cowboy boots, rolled up his jeans & dipped his toes in.

It was getting late in the day, I was sunburned & getting hungry. For dinner, we couldn't decide between Johnny Harris or Carey Hilliard's. We went into Johnny Harris & it felt like a Shoney's. John wanted to eat there, but I wasn't sold. So we drove to Carey Hilliard's, which also turned out to feel like a Shoney's (actually more like a Ponderosa), but we stayed. It wasn't bad, actually it was pretty good. It was just a weird place. I had what I call "the fried plate" which included fried shrimp, fried oysters, french fries, hush puppies, & green beans. I'm pretty sure I clogged an artery, but it was good. John had their BBQ plate, which came with french fries, Brunswick stew & a crab cake. Again, his entree won the prize that night.

Savannah had a fireworks show scheduled for 9:20pm, so we decided to get a bottle of wine & watch the fireworks from our hotel room balcony. We found this awesome place called Parker's Market that used to be an old filling station & was now an urban, upscale market. Plus, it was still a gas station! It was tres cool. We bought a bottle of wine, some fancy chocolate & a bag of Pirate's Booty. It was a great night. We watched the Savannah fireworks from our balcony, then watched the Macy's fireworks on TV.

While there, I relied heavily on tips from 2 blogs that I follow, Design Sponge & Young House Love. The Design Sponge link really helped us out with where to eat & places to shop.

Lastly, here are the pics from our trip. Enjoy!

Yay, Spinning!

Viva la Vacation!