Drop Dead Diva

I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I'm really into this new show on Lifetime (I know, I know) called Drop Dead Diva. I have no idea how this show got on my radar since I don't typically watch Lifetime. They must have been promoting it on other channels. Regardless, for the past two Sunday nights, I've found myself tuning in & thoroughly enjoying it.

The story is this. A ditsy, skinny girl (Deb) dies, makes a ruckus in heaven & inadvertently ends up coming back in the body of a successful lawyer, who happens to be a healthy size 16 (Jane). As someone who has been both a size 6 & a size 16, I can empathize. It's kind of Ally McBeal meets Ugly Betty. Another major selling point? Notorious Cho is Jane's assistant at the law firm. They've only aired two episodes, but I'm smitten. It comes on Sunday nights at 8pm. I highly recommend it.

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