Weekend Wrap-Up

Dinner @ west side Las Maracas, then onto Mercy Lounge for How I Became the Bomb. Drank too much & probably said too much to drummer/political blogger. Whoops....

Drove to Spring Hill & picked up long-awaited wedding album. Love it! While I was doing this, John was driving around Nashville trying to get his hands on the new Palm Pre. He got one & hasn't put it down since. Had belated birthday lunch with MK, exchanged gifts, talked about lack of good/cute clothes to buy lately.

For dinner, our friends Keith & Nicole had us over for a cook-out. It was so much food, so much good food. Nicole ended the night by lighting up the 'ole fire pit & we stuffed ourselves on homemade s'mores. Delicious!

Woke up super early & cleaned fur mountain, aka our house. I swear, I could brush Linda all day, every day & it wouldn't matter in the least. I checked out this "Fur-minator" that everyone keeps telling us to get. What no one told me, is that it costs $60 -for a dog brush. No, thank you. I made that bitch an appointment at PetSmart for this coming Saturday. She's getting sheared. I can't deal with this fur anymore.

I digress.... After cleaning, I trekked out to Opry Mills to return something to Forever 21. Stopped into Ann Taylor Loft because Carolyn had mentioned they were having a big sale. I've been relentlessly searching for short-sleeved cardigans, preferably cheap enough that I can buy more than one. Are you listening, Gap? Well, Ann Taylor came through. They had a plethora of short-sleeved cardigans & they were buy 1, get 1 free. Sold! I spent more than I should have, but I'm now the proud owner of 3 short-sleeved cardigans & 2 new long sleeved cardigans. So if you see me out & about & I'm not wearing a cardigan, don't talk to me, it's probably an impostor.

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