Quick Update

I've been too busy to blog lately. We're typically out of Session by now, but we're still going strong this year. I've heard we'll adjourn next week, but I'm starting to doubt that... I start summer school tonight. As I've mentioned before, due to budget cuts, there are no classes being offered that apply to me, so I'm taking Financial Management for Healthcare & Non-Profit. It'll count as an elective. Can you feel my excitement? The class starts tonight & meets every Tues & Thurs until July 2nd.

On Sat, I drove to Chattanooga for my friend Rebecca's baby shower. Rebecca was my Chi O big sister & we've remained close friends. It was really good to see her, especially 8 months pregnant. Full photostream here.

In other news..... I'm obese, or so says my new Wii Fit. I've been putting off using it because I knew the first thing you had to do was weigh yourself & let it calculate your BMI. Well, ladies & gentleman, I'm obese & I'm 42. Happy friggin birthday to me.

May was a bad month. I knew I had packed on a few lbs, but I certainly didn't feel I'd become obese. I've been too busy at work to eat like a normal person, so I'm either stress eating at lunch or not eating at all, then eating like a bear when I get home. Plus, birthday depression. Plus, memorial day grill fest. Also worth noting, I made a pan of lemon bars last week & ate the whole pan. I assume this contributed greatly to my rating on the Wii Fit.

Since weighing myself last week, I've been logging what I eat on TheDailyPlate & working out. I've already lost 6 lbs, presumably from not eating anymore lemon bars. God, why is this such a struggle? Why can't I eat lemon bars at every meal & look like an Olsen twin? It's so unfair.

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